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Study tips for JLPT N2

What??? You may ask, this is a developer blog and what JLPT N2 has to do with it.

Well, you'll agree with the fact that communication is of utmost importance at any workplace... don't you?
However good you are at your work skills, it will be of no use if you fail to communicate properly with your colleagues.

So that being said, I would like to share my study techniques to learn Japanese and prepare for JLPT N2 examination in a fun way.

My name is Vivek and this blog post is intended for those who are preparing for JLPT N2
(Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2) (日本語能力試験 N2)

Let's get started...

I believe following are the major types of communication


f:id:vivek081166:20181129161634g:plain Verbal f:id:vivek081166:20181129161631g:plain Non-Verbal f:id:vivek081166:20181129161620g:plainWritten

If you observe carefully more than 70% of the time you need some language to communicate. Whether you write something or speak of/about something.
So, to sum up here... I would say
Language is essentially a means of communication among the members of a society. You need to master the language (in which you are communicating) to communicate effectively.
In my case, being in Japan IT industry for more than 4 years now, I had to learn Japanese for my work. And you must agree with this.. it is one of the most difficult languages in the world.

During my Japanese Language study I tried various method and tools and here I would like to share those with all of you.

Learn using Memrise


I absolutely love this tool!

The most difficult part of learning any language is to memorize alphabets and vocabulary. Memrise as per its name, it helps to memorize things which you have to learn by heart.

It uses mems to help you form vivid, sensory memories. It tests you continuously, always making sure to give your brain just the right workout. It also reminds you of what you've learned at scientifically optimized times so your memories are always growing stronger and never forgotten.

I'm currently undertaking the following courses on Memrise

1) JLPT N2 from Memrise Beta


By the time you visit this course, it would have been released in full version but currently, it is βeta version but still the best.

2) JLPT N2 Target 2000 Vocabulary


The previous course has detailed words but this short course will help you study and revise only specific words for the examination. Keep this course in mind and soon I'll share with you a trick to effectively use this course.

3) N2 Kanji


It will be hard to stick to this course but if you are patient, eventually you'll master kanji for everyday use in Japan.

Learn using YouTube

You read it right! Learn using YouTube.
Imagine how great it is to learn from good teachers by watching video anywhere anytime without even have to go to School.
I'm a visual learner and hence YouTube has always been a great place for me to learn anything.

I would like to recommend the following courses to prepare for JLPT N2 exam from Nihongo no Mori.
And again, believe me, you need not go to any School if you take these video courses


Believe me you need not to waste money on any school if you watch these videos and learn from them.

1) VS JLPT N2 Grammar


She is my favorite teacher till now... her explanation will help you remember and learn Japanese Grammar intended for JLPT N2 exam.

2) Kanji N2


Here 覚え方 of (Logic to remember) Kanji taught by 先生 (teacher) will help you remember Kanji fast and never forget... it's fun :)

3) JLPT N2 ことば


Remember I told you keep JLPT N2 Target 2000 Vocabulary - Memrise course in mind. You can use this video lecture combined with Memrise course and your efforts to memorize vocabulary will be drastically reduced.

4) 耳から覚える語彙 N2


In two hours you will be going on a ride of 1200 words with examples... isn't it awesome!!

Well, folks that all I have for now...
See you soon with some technical blog till then
Happy Learning... :)