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チナパです! 早速ですが、A few useful things to know about machine learning - Pedro Domingos https://homes.cs.washington.edu/~pedrod/papers/cacm12.pdf f の続きをしたいと思います!以前、この論文にまとめられてる分類器の3つの部分(表現、評価…

Business Card Reader : Part 2 : Frontend (Ionic App)

Hello World! My name is Vivek Amilkanthawar In the last blog post, we had written cloud function for our Business Card Reader app to do the heavy lifting of text recognition and storing the result into database by using Firebase, Google Cl…



Business Card Reader : Part 1 : Backend (Cloud Functions)

Hello World! My name is Vivek Amilkanthawar In this and the subsequent blog posts, we'll be creating a Business Card Reader as an iOS App with the help of Ionic, Firebase, Google Cloud Vision API and Google Natural Language API The final a…